Dimensional Reality & Consciousness

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(This is an entry that I wrote many weeks ago with the intention of coming back to finish it. I saved it as a draft and I am publishing now undeveloped.)

Let’s just assume that Consciousness is nothing more spectacular than electricity. Electricity is a current of electrons, governed by the electromagnetic force.

Let’s assume that the Grand Unified Theory (GUT) is viable; then at a critical energy scale, called the unification energy scale, the electromagnetic force unites with the strong and weak nuclear forces, and gravity. Then Consciousness is governed also by these other forces and, in particular,  by the unification of these forces.

It is interesting to note the sheer mathematical beauty of this model. Imagine a matrix of matrices. A tensor. It acts as a complex organism.  This organism lives in more than the 4-dimensional space-time. In fact, in the framework of the particular theory that I am studying at the moment there are as many as 10 or even 11 dimensions. This mathematical organism lives in these 10 or 11 dimensions, and the specific ways in which it behaves within these dimensions are what produces the modes of its field of existence. These modes give us the particles which we have observed and have speculated in the Standard Model. We obtain both the particles of matter and also particles that carry the forces aforementioned.

It seems strange to think that we live in more than just 3 spatial dimensions and 1 time dimension. But actually, the signs of these “extra” dimensions are all around us in everything that we do. Each one of these extra dimensions has a form (or topology). And these topologies carry symmetries. For instance, a Sphere. If we rotate it in any direction around the Origin, it remains the same. This is spherical symmetry. So imagine if we take our organism in these 7 extra dimensions resembling topologies similar to circles and spheres. The fact to have these symmetries in the topology means that there will arise a phenomenon resembling the role of a resonating frequency.

So supposing that all of these forces are united, and that Consciousness is nothing but a mesoscopic property of the electromagnetic force. Let’s also suppose by the absurd that Consciousness is then only a property of the electromagnetic force. But by hypothesis all of the forces are united, so Consciousness must either be a property of none or of all of the forces. Unless, at unification this property is “swallowed up” into a more compact envelope containing many properties.

The view that I have personally formed is that in fact our 11-dimensional space and our 11-dimensional organism are one in the same. And it is the  perturbations of this unified field, that is Dimensional Reality, that form the resonances
So the first point being that at certain scales, the expectation values of which are given through the metric and its operators, Consciousness is not a property only of the electromagnetic force, but of all the forces unified into one. when being perturbed by its operators.


Reply to a big question

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I’m intrigued by how you’re connecting yoga with physics and string theory and veganism and spiritual energy.  You must have a very exciting life filled with lots of curiosity and learning!


Well there is obviously no reallllllllll short answer to this, but to give an idea the link between them all is energy. Ommmmm… LOL j/k. Well, not really just kidding, but you get the point.

So to begin with yoga: We have all heard of spiritual energy, chakras, oneness, zen, etc. etc. etc. I wont give a lecture on this subject in this post, but would be glad to elaborate if I am probed. (I have two degrees in Ashtanga yoga from the Gov’t of India.) And behind all this is energy. A very quick answer to why veganism is important in yoga is that “ahimsa” (meaning non-violence) is one of the 8 moral/social codes in yoga. I elaborate a bit on this below, but for now I would like to make the connection between spirituality and physics. This is no easy task:

We are all made of energy in its many different forms, both from a spiritual and a physics perspective. And this energy manifests itself in the form of particles. Electrons, neutrons, protons, quarks, etc. But what physics doesn’t really know right now is what exactly is the nature of these “fundamental” particles (in quotes, because they may actually have smaller constituents that we are not able to probe with current technology). And the most daring question is, “Why do they behave the way they do?” or put more bluntly (and obviously from my own perspective), “What is conciousness?”. (I am of the opinion that the “random” behavior of fundamental particles is actually consciousness.)

Now there are a handful of mathematical theories that have not yet been ruled out on this subject, and the one in which I am particularly interested at the moment is string theory.

I don’t know if you know anything about string theory (even I have not yet taken a class on the subject, but I managed to score my masters thesis project with the string theorist at my university, so hopefully by the end of summer 2012 I will know a lot more), but the basic concept is that particles are made up of vibrating strings, and their properties (mass, spin, etc.) are resonances of their vibrational modes. When I try to relate this concept to my intimate knowledge of Yoga (“Yog” means One in sanscrit, the “a” is added at the end to make the word a noun), the vibration itself is consciousness.

So, to now try to make the connection with veganism: Ok, first I will begin by mentioning the “Kardashev scale” ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kardashev_scale ) and “Kohlberg’s stages of moral development” ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kohlberg%27s_stages_of_moral_development ). (These two models have been introduced under different aliases and by different people, but for the sake of easy discussion, I will use these.) I am interested in the advancement of our civilization along the Kardashev scale. I believe that if we can become more efficient, we will be able to manipulate our dimensional reality in wondrous ways, even ways that might seem like science fiction. I also believe that there is a very direct connection between a civilization’s position on the Kardashev scale and its moral/ethical status (along the Kohlberg scale), which is one place where veganism comes in.

Veganism becomes much more important in my “hypothesis” when I look at the actual detection of the existence of string theory. Current physics tends to be of the opinion that we would need a particle accelerator the size of, like, the earth or the solar system or something crazy like that to be able to detect strings. I believe that the answer is much less difficult than this. I believe that the answer is actually in “metaphysics” and not in physics. That each isolated physical vessel that is attributed to each quantum manifestation of the universal consciousness (for example the human body) can actually be used as a tool to probe the most fundamental constituents of existence. But in order to be able to do this one has to be highly aware of his own being, able to manipulate his own consciousness, and be able to reach what is termed “samadhi” in yoga. This state is better known as zen, or nirvana. (BTW there are many different forms of these states, these terms are actually umbrellas of different subcategories.)

To gain control over one’s consciousness, it is much easier if there is a lack of stimuli. I am of the belief that eating animal products comes with the vibrations associated. “We are what we eat.” There is just so much pain and suffering that goes along with the killing of an animal. Seeing that it has been scientifically demonstrated that brain waves reflect emotional states, I don’t see why pain and suffering from animal cruelty would be exempt.

To elaborate on this subject, science is now studying the memory of fundamental particles. Even at my university there is an experiment designed around photon memory. And what are brain waves but variations in the electromagnetic field? And any electron changes its state when placed in an EM field (It can change energy, spin, etc.). This is basic quantum mechanics. So if an electron (for example… the argument would be just as strong for protons, neutrons, quarks, etc. too) is actually a vibrating string and its vibrational modes are really its quantum states, then, if we want to be able to clean up our quantum consciousness to be able to use our bodies as vessels to explore the fundamentality of the universe, it probably isn’t a good idea to pollute it with “negative vibrations”.

I know I am sounding reallllllllly new agey at this point. HAHA. But seriously, this is why I decided to take the high road and study physics instead of just teach yoga in a studio. I made these connections when I was 18, way before I had ever even been introduced to yoga. When I actually did stumble upon it, I realized there is a completely ancient philosophy describing what I was already formulating. BUT I DIDN’T WANT TO BE A MYSTIC!! I want to be taken seriously. I want to try to describe existence as it is proposed in yogic philosophy, but with physics. There are so many people out there that think yoga is hogwash; a big majority of physicists, and therefore some of the most influential brains in our society, is one significant example.

Way back in the day, like 1000 years ago, there was no scientific method. There was only deductive reasoning as a means for acquiring new information. Considering that most of the information that was already known was in religious texts, this is how such ideas as “the world is flat” and “the stars are holes in the divide between heaven and earth” came into existence. Then an information revolution came to pass, and Là voilà! we have the experimental method. I think that we are at the brink of yet another revolution in how we acquire new information which will lead us to metaphyiscs.

There is certainly an argument on this point that metaphysics and everything that I have just described (namely using the human “body” as an (organic) machine for probing the universes mysteries) will only yield subjective results. However, what if everything is in essence One? Then (oh no, here comes the sci-fi again) phenomena like telepathy should be able to take place. One day when my (not yet conceived) children are out of the house and I am comfortable enough to have enough time to write books, I would like to produce a sci-fi book in which the whole of mankind becomes so “in-tuned” that they are able to make one of these metaphysical probes that I propose on a very large scale. Then, the knowledge that is obtained from this probe will be a part of the collective consciousness and not just of one individual.

Whoooof. This is quite an exhaustive subject and hard to pinpoint everything as a quick response. I hope that sheds a bit of light on my intentions though and clears things up a bit rather than cause more confusion. More questions is always good though!

Pinpont on the map

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So I am feeling so much better about myself now. I am committed to veganism. I won’t fall off again. I am also interested in the LFRV movement, but I don’t know how I feel about this diet just yet. And for the moment making a solid transition to veganism is the most important. I am, however eating a whole bunch of raw, so that is good. Baby steps.

Watched Earthlings http://www.earthlings.com/ last night. For the first time all the way through. This movie is disturbing way beyond any horror film I have ever seen, and its a documentary. I tried to watch it twice before, and had to turn it off. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Period. Well, maybe not kids under, like, 13.


Desire + Affirmation

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Last year around the same time I was starting to get serious about raw foodism when I stumbled upon this website. For the New Year I was vegan, still dabbling in the raw food, but I had a bad experience on BI and ended up giving up the raw-ness for a while. But I was still doing the vegan thing. (I had already been vegetarian for 6 years.)

Four months solid a vegan and a series of really bad emotional stress led me to a psychiatrist. I was at this time falling back into vegetarianism, and my shrink suggested that I needed to take of my “straight jacket”. I should allow myself to have a drink now and then. (It was generally my policy not to drink.)

This summer marked the end of my bachelor studies. I fell completely out of my healthy, ethical lifestyle. I even strayed from vegetarianism. For about 4 whole months. Drinking. Partying. No exercise. On top of the stress of exams and an internship at CERN. Now I have hit a real bottom in my morale. 4 kilos heavier, I tried on a pair of pants that dont stretch this morning and the zipper wont close. The worst part is, every time I took a bite of meat or a sip of alcohol, EVERY LITTLE BIT I put in my mouth, I felt guilty.

I have been back to my old vegetarian status for a week now. I also found myself climbing the neighboring mountain twice last week, and I did a 90 minute yoga session too.

I am already hearing the call of veganism and refound myself browsing the 30BAD site this evening. Tomorrow morning I will go for a short run to get those muscles pumping again. Hopefully it won’t be raining in the morning.

My graduation was last Thursday. My alcoholic sister came to see me. We partied. I knew she was coming for the last month, and made a deal with myself that the day she left would be the day I would draw a line on celebrating getting my bachelor in physics completely in French, in the emotionally-frigid Geneva, Switzerland with a broken heart.

One day I will surely have to write a book about my struggle, but I have been compared to a Phoenix that rose from the ashes. I was into drugs and 35 kilos overweight, a high school dropout and completely lost 8 years ago. I turned my fate around. Traveled Asia. Got certified as an advanced ashtanga yoga instructor. Walked a 1200 km Buddhist pilgrimage in Japan. Taught English in China. And now I have a bachelor in Physics.

It is time for this phoenix to fly even higher. I need the support to become vegan. I am sure that this is something I want to do. I want to explore the LFRV lifestyle. I don’t know if it is for me. But I know it interests me. That is why I am back.

And right now I just need the support of this community to get out of my slump. And it feels good to write here my intentions and my frustrations. No one around me here understands. Vegetarians are RARE in Switzerland. But I have never even met a vegan here. And LFRV?

The point is…. I need support. I am going into winter too. The sun is fading. It is cold and rainy.

So tomorrow I will be off to buy vegan food, plus a bunch of LFRV food.

Sometimes I just want to cry at how lonely I feel. In a crowd I am more lonely than when I am alone. I often miss my ashram. India. China. Japan. Viet Nam. I miss cultures that are connected to the universal spirit. The vibrations are so high among people that dont take in animal products. Death and decay just resonate from omnis. Hostility. Nervousness. Passive aggressiveness. Need for attention. Competition. Going for the kill.

I want to be among those that live in harmony with their surroundings. Not in competition with them. This is my affirmation. This is the next step in my life.

Energy is found in yoga and in physics alike. Energy is energy. There is no difference between the two. They are just viewed from two very different perspectives. It is my dharma to merge these perspectives. To make them commute. One in the same.

I need to be vegan for this. It is time to open my channel even wider.

Hari Om. Tat sat.


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center. everything.

mission. dharma. manifestation in multi-dimensional space.

fluid. ether. vibrate. energy.

nadi. channels. wormholes.

To All the Good Men.

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You don’t like me the way I like you. Is that the name of this game?

And you. Yeah you. What did you say about a party where everyone has their clothes off at the end of the night?

And you: How can you talk to someone about marriage and children and then say you don’t love her?

My feelings for you are deep. Pouring out from my heart; running over my shoes and digging a well, a boule ready to be filled with warmth and caring.

And what about the men that want but can’t have? And those that want but are not wanted.

Who art thou? Doth thine art mine kleiner mensch?

Edit: I want a man that wants to be with ME!

Tropical Fantasy

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Angel Ortiz Toucan

You were mad about me. Couldn’t get enough of me.
Said you could drink me like a cool waterfall in a tropical lagoon.

Palm trees. Rocks steaming.  Toucans rustle in the trees. Drizzle. Humid. Dripping and radiating warmth. Feverish.

Orchids drooping down over my firm bosom. Nipples erect. I’m wearing a grass skirt. The feel of the sandstone, abrasive against the soles of my feet.

Capricorn and Cancer. Good names. Children. Boys. Light eyed and blond hair. Tan pelts. Their pupils glitter with the infinite pristine. Flash!


Black. And more black. And more black. An infinite sea. I can’t blink. I don’t have eyes. I can’t touch my face. I don’t have arms. I don’t have a face. I am…

Accelerating. Weightless. No form. The “All that Is” is You. Me. We. One. Light. All. Is. Light.

It is not an abyss before you. This is All. One. And it is You. You are seeing the reflection of yourself in this vast expansion.

Time has no meaning. And neither does volume. Occupancy?

The set of all sets. Gödel. Paradox. Missionary of God. Protected.

Manifest. Etre Conscient….

Do you feel those erect nipples?